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We need rural mums around Australia to have their say! Your answers will be anonymous, but collectively, your input will help create real impact as Motherland continues to grow and find new ways of supporting rural mothers.

How old are your children? (you can select multiple)(Required)
What do you do? (you can select multiple)(Required)
(eg: that was the nearest hospital, lack of maternity services at local hospital, emergency reasons etc)
Have you ever suffered from some level of postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety, whether it was mild or severe?(Required)
If you answered NO, please type N/A for the next few questions
Did you seek any professional help?(Required)
If you are in a relationship, do you feel the parenting duties are shared fairly between you both?(Required)
Do you have access to a local mothers group?(Required)
Has the pandemic increased your anxiety as a parent?(Required)
Do you have adequate internet service?(Required)

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