Stephanie Trethewey | Founder

Meet [steph]

Welcome to Motherland! 

I’m Steph, and I live on a farm in Central North Tasmania with my husband Sam and our little boy Elliot, and little girl Evie.

Becoming a mum was a baptism of fire for me, and I wasn’t at all prepared for the unique challenges that come with raising kids on the land. With no family, friends or mother’s groups nearby to support me, it soon became very clear that too many rural mums are raising their children without a village, and they desperately need one. 

So, I created Motherland to celebrate and connect rural mums around the country by providing a platform and online community dedicated to supporting rural mothers and reducing the isolation many of us feel. 

Rural mums are some of the most under-valued, under-supported, and under-celebrated women in the country. And while we are all so different, there is much that ties us together. 

It’s my mission to put rural motherhood on the map, and enable the incredible mothers who are the backbone of our rural communities, to form meaningful connections with each other. 

So remember, no matter where you live or what you do, we’re in this together and you’re not alone.


Stephanie Trethewey is an accomplished television journalist who spent more than seven years reporting and producing for some of the country’s biggest news and current affairs programs.

Stephanie founded Motherland Australia in 2019 after moving to a farm in Tasmania where she struggled as a new mum. She felt isolated and craved to connect with other rural mothers and hear their stories of life and motherhood on the land.

To date, Stephanie has interviewed more than 100 women from across the country, and has fast become a fierce advocate for rural motherhood.