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It takes a village to raise a child, but living rurally means many mums feel isolated during their motherhood journey. The rates of postnatal depression are staggeringly high in the bush, and after struggling with my own mental health after having children and experiencing crippling isolation, I am fiercely passionate about supporting and advocating for women on the land. 

Too many rural mothers don’t have access to adequate support and services, including the opportunity to form meaningful connections with other mums, no matter how old their children are. Lack of social connection and feelings of isolation are a major health risk factor, and Motherland has connected hundreds of rural women and created new friendships across the country to help tackle this issue.

We’re a registered charity and we’re on a mission to eliminate the isolation many rural mums face, and improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing. We connect rural mothers to our supportive online community, share incredible stories of rural motherhood through our podcast, and offer a mother’s group program that every rural mum can access, regardless of her location.

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Welcome to Motherland! I’m Steph, and I live on a farm in Central North Tasmania with my husband Sam and our little boy Elliot, and little girl Evie.

Becoming a mum was a baptism of fire for me, and I wasn’t at all prepared for the unique challenges that come with raising kids on the land. With no family, friends, or mothers groups nearby to support me, it soon became very clear that too many rural mums are raising their children without a village, and they desperately need one.  

So I wanted to do something about it.

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